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The Reason I Wrote This Book I have been asked to explain why I wrote this book. So here we go. At this point in my life I was going through one of those particularly scary times for me, just due to some choices I had made and, as life goes, a couple of back to back catastrophes. Originally I was not setting out to write a book, but to journal my feelings to see if I could allow them to get unstuck and pass through me, as this is ultimately what my life was and is trying to do with these feelings. I was just trying to figure a way out of mental and physical pain, and of course the accompanying judgment and remorse that so love to go along for the ride like icing on a cake, however bittersweet for sure.

At the time I was struggling with the surrendering to that and to just accepting what was and is. As the journaling began to unfold, I began to realize the common thread with these three particular words – Accept, Surrender and Allow – and the potential of their impact if I could and would use them wisely.

As I began to dive deeper into my relationship with myself and subsequently my Soul, through meditation as well as just having compassionate conversations with myself, I noticed another common thread of self-inquiry. There was just question after question. It seems that if you are willing to look, there will always be a steady stream of these questions leading you back to who you really are.

That said, it was bit scary. However, it was also very effective and efficient, so at some point I figured I should write this down in some logical order in case I want to refer back to it someday. Who knows, right? You never know what you will need and when. Lo and behold, one day shortly after that, while speaking with my Soul, I hear, “Make a book out of it.” I have known for some time that I was going to write a book. I just never quite knew on what, or when. Needless to say I was a bit hesitant, as this would leave me in a vulnerable place.

But what the heck. I did it anyway. Here is a short summary, along with the not-so-subtle hints written in bold above:

This is an amazing story, told from the emotionally sensitive child’s side. It is a story of the misperception of a father’s love for his child, as seen from the child’s perception at the time.

It is a story that describes the struggle of growing up in today’s world and the dynamics of a child in his household – what the author thought of it, and the life of perceived lack and misery he created from it.

In turn, the book describes the awakening of the author as a young adult, realizing that he had created his life and that if he created it, he could change it.

As the story unfolds, he realizes his misperceptions of his life and explains how he came to realize his father’s love, and that his father also represented his mother and Creator/God’s love of all its creations.

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