Relationship Script Writing

At Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara CA, our Relationship Script Writing program simplifies the complexities of communication with yourself and others. The program will reduce stress and anxiety associated with communication or the lack of it. Most of the time communication breakdowns are from RESENTMENT. This comes from over time, lack of seeing one for who they Really are or Really knowing how to listen to one another.

Relationship Script Writing is a simple process

Our program Relationship Script Writing is a simple process. It will allow you to bring yourself to a place of complete understanding of how to communicate, as well as be communicated to. This means knowing how and when to listen and speak to get your needs met and meet the needs of others in a healthy way.

You will be led to easily speak with whomever and communicate with whatever you’re in a relationship with. This includes yourself and higher self if desired. Your not always in relationship with a person it can be an animal like a horse or a thing like a business or home. Our program can be used in your business or your personal life after all YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP TO EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN YOUR LIFE.

Lifestyle Consulting Services relationship script writing program consists of a simple system that easily implements into your life. It will help you come to a complete understanding of what the other individual or individuals are saying and why. All communication centers around need. The program also includes a complete understanding of what you are saying to whoever and or whatever you’re in relationship to and why. Understanding your WHY IS KEY.

In our relationship script writing programs at Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara CA,we address all aspects of the whole relationship that can be, as one is willing. For example, every relationship has 4 components to it: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Sometimes individuals have blocks set up to certain aspects of their life. In doing so they cut off or block one or more of the 4. If an individual is able and willing, all will be addressed. If not, what can be addressed will be.

Why use Lifestyle Consulting Services Relationship Script Writing?

Our relationship script writing program can be used to either come to a place of better communication verbally, or actually penning a letter. Actually, penning a letter is very often the best way to communicate to a spouse, girlfriend, child or parent in an anxious or stressful time. It is especially useful when all other communication has failed. Sometimes it is best to plant a seed in the energy of unconditional love and wait.
Through our relationship script writing program the first thing we at Lifestyle Consulting Services help you understand clearly is:

  • What is your WHY?
  • Where are you coming from?
  • Are you re-acting from fear or taking an inspired action out of love?

Once these questions are answered, then one can produce from their truth and create a script that works for ANY situation or circumstance. We literally are going to teach you a new Response - Ability. (This is explained in my Coaching for Life section.) Very often just the mere fact you write out your thoughts before you speak, even if you don’t write a letter, is a cathartic release of energy that clears the way for better or good communication. I am an advocate of journaling.

In our relationship script writing program more often than not the most common issue I come across is RESENTMENT. This will kill ANY relationship early on and do what (seems like) irreversible damage if not addressed. I have also found this usually comes from feeling you’re not heard or seen for who you are. If I’m wrong, you let me know. I welcome your comments or questions.

At Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara Ca. when using our program there is one issue I see that arises frequently for individuals. In our society people have lost patience and choose to busy themselves with distractions that they make the new priority. The other issue is, individuals don’t take the time to STOP and breathe before they speak. If you observe most conversations with yourself, or others, people usually begin speaking before others are finished. And this is especially true when the conversation is heated.


Below are some sample conversations and relationship scripts

Sample Relationship Script 1

Daughter: “Mom, leave me alone! You’re always smothering me.” What the daughter is really trying to say is: “I love you mom, but right now I just need some space, PLEASE.” The daughter is acting from fear, masked as anger and with that re-frame, and New Response - Ability you can make a choice to act from love instead of fear and create a script.

Sample Letter

Finding it is always best to speak from the heart, the “script” would be as follows:

Mom: “Hi Jen, I just wanted to share this with you. I often get scared myself and when you push yourself away like that it often kicks up my fears and my own inadequacies and doubts about me. Just because I am your mom does not mean I don’t get fearful from time to time. I also realize that you do not deserve a reaction in fear back to you. So, I am taking the time to communicate in this way as it allows me to truly express my thoughts on this to you as well as my love for you.” Here you are planting the seed and walking away and let love work its magic.

When they respond you could go into more specific details, offer a solution and/or set a time to communicate if it was desired and safe for both parties to do so. You might write or say something like I would love to hear what’s going on can we set a time aside, so I can LISTEN TO YOU. Then like I said let love work its magic. Be short and sweet. A BIG ISSUE INDIVIDUALS HAVE IS THEY DON’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP AND JUST LET IT BE.

However, the key here is your showing the other individual how important they really are to you, and that they are the most important person to you. That you are seeing them for them. That you are listening and hearing them for them. The “script writing” method of communicating with someone from a place of “Love” speaks volumes in relationships of any kind.

Again, remember communication is about needs yours and who or whatever you’re in relationship to. This is important to keep in mind when speaking conveying your thoughts. And even more important when listening to be sure your hearing what’s really being said. This is ultimately what this program is designed to do in a healthy way.

Sample Relationship Script 2:

Son: “Dad, what do you give a F__ __ K! You’re never around anyway.” What the son is really trying to say is, “Dad, I miss you not being around. I wish you were around MORE for me. Especially when I was growing up (or) I wanted to share my life with you and (it seemed) you just were never around.” Hell of a way to interpret life. If we come from our new Response - Ability and reframe this, you can see the son is speaking out in fear masked as a lashing out in anger, in an abandoned feeling of frustration and or loneliness.

As it is best to speak from the heart, you might create a “script” as follows:

 Dad: “Hi John, given this last blow up between us, I feel it’s time I shared this with you. I remember when you were first born and even when you were on your way, I can’t tell you the doubts and fear I had. I never thought I would be able to be a good dad. I was scared and still to this day get fearful that I’m not good enough or feel I could have done a better job. Heck I even often feel I can do no right. I know this isn’t true and I am a good dad but man sometimes my fears get the best of me and I get scared. I am not sure I can even help but I can listen, and I would sure love an opportunity if you’re open to that. I am always here Love Always in All Ways Dad.” Plant the seed and let it be.

From here you could now extend an invitation to do something that bonds both of you or set a time together to just share thoughts. This implies your actually going to listen and you care. You might say something like I would love to share in what’s going on when you’re ready. Then leave it alone. Let love takeover. Stop writing or talking be short and sweet.


Stick with the more casual, less expectational statement to share thoughts. Or I would love to listen to what you have to say or hear any thoughts you may have regarding —————. BUT BE FOR REAL. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. This approach allows for an option to opt out. The word “Talk” implies to most that they must do so. And this is something you don’t want to express with someone who does not feel safe or is not speaking to you already. In my experience, very few teens feel safe telling anyone anything.

Another Relationship Script

The Lifelong Family Feud:

An example of this would be the brother that lashes out against his sister or vice versa. Also, it can be just two siblings having a rivalry. At whatever point the relationship is at, someone must make a clear choice to love his or herself enough and first. Whoever this is, if it’s you, it will allow you to be the one who chooses the new Response- Ability. Whomever it is does not matter. What matters is forgiveness of self-first, then another, creating a space for the energy of love to enter self-first, and then another. From there we would create a “script” to begin to heal the feud.

Other scrips can be between a worker and a boss, supervisor or superior. Here there is always tension to be resolved for the benefit of both parties. The first thing you will learn is a new Response - Ability. From there we will show you how to create a script custom to your circumstance. I hope this was helpful and welcome any correspondence or thoughts you may have.


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