Individual and Relationship Coaching - The Art of expressing yourself

Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara, CA believes that the most important relationship is the one with yourself. Our Individual and Relationship Coaching Programs are simple and seamlessly fit into your life. All other relationships in your life stem from this central point (YOU).

We realize relationships are one of the biggest stressors in life. In our work we uncover the stress and anxiety around you and your relationships and help you to alleviate it in a natural process.

As the owner of Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara, CA I realized balancing myself in regard to everything and everyone around me had to come first. Using this program of Individual and Relationship Coaching was the key for me to a happy, stress and anxiety free life.

Using the individual and relationship coaching program I recognized I was putting life outside of me. Therefore, giving my power to person(s), place(s) or thing(s) outside of me. From here I had no responsibility. Using this program, I was able to develop a new Response - Ability and empower myself.

At Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara, CA while using the program I learned early on and very quickly how the energy of life works in relationships. The universe can only find you in the now moment. In this case I was busy trying to be something and someone I was not. Not just because I felt not enough but because I had no idea who I was.

While putting the program together using it on myself and my close friends and family I refined it and learned just how useful it could be. Our individual and relationship coaching program gave me the foundation to be me. And in so doing, the Universe could and did find Me. And so did my tribe of many. So love them All.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING - For the relationship within

At Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara, CA we emphasize the self-relationship first. We like to call this the art of expressing yourself. What we see in our individual and relationship coaching work is that the Self relationship is the one most people don’t want to think about or address. Most individuals put their power in persons, places or things outside of them self. However, ignoring it poses some issues.

You can never really have a deep meaningful relationship with another if you’re always looking outside of yourself for answers to who or what you really are. Instead we teach you to gently go within and gracefully address YOUR fears and issues. Life is always calling you to go within. At some point we will go, it is just to what extent. This where Lifestyle Consulting Services Individual and Relationship Coaching Programs excel. When you finally make that decision to go there I Am right there with you every step of the way.

At Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara, CA we coach the individual or individuals first, then the couple or team. The change has to come from within you first, and then all around you will shift. You must have that deep meaningful relationship with yourself first. The Question is: “How?”

Lifestyle Consulting Services individual and relationship coaching program excels at providing a safe forum to explore “You”, and all the intricacies of your individual being. We allow you to look at yourself from a Non-judgmental, No Guilt, No Shame and No Blame perspective. We coach individuals for themselves and individuals as part of a team or family. We start with the individual and then segway into the group dynamic.

Using our individual and relationship coaching program you will find yourself gently opening up and easily seeing those self-destructive patterns, behaviors and tendencies. It is from that place of safety that you can begin to see the real “you” and affect those long-lasting changes that you have been looking for in yourself and your relationships.

COUPLE OR GROUP COACHING - For the relationship you have with and to everyone and everything else in life

At Lifestyle Consulting Services of Santa Barbara, CA we believe that every relationship has 4 components to it: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All aspects of the whole relationship can be and are addressed if one is willing.

Many individuals are fearful of and have anxiety around their issues. They are in fear-based relationships with situations, persons, places and things around them. There is no reason to fear these deeper issues. Sure, they can seem scary I get scared as well. We will empower you with a natural process to uncover your fears. We will only do what a person is ready for, always keeping their safety in mind and allowing them to unfold at their own pace.

Ok, let’s discuss some basics of Communication

All communication is based in needs associated with feelings usually triggered by an emotion. The root of good communication is in listening. The art of listening is uncovering the need the other individual or group is trying to express.

Keep in mind another may not be as skilled at expressing as you, so you may have to actually uncover their need as they will not always express it out right or clearly to you.

Using our individual and relationship coaching program we help identify and see the difference between a need, feeling and emotion. We will also get to the core of the emotion, need and feeling as you allow yourself that gift in yourself or another.

You will learn the art of listening. It’s actually quite easy as you will see the key is your heart has to be in it. In other words, you have to really care and be vested in whomever or whatever you’re listening to.

I am an advocate of learning to say what you mean and mean what you say. Let your yes mean Yes, and your no mean No. This may sound simple, and actually is, but most confound this with their fears. We have found after helping thousands of people in their relationships a key is uncovering what they actually want and why. Most don’t know what they want and those that do don’t always know their why. This is important because your what and why are your navigation tools, much like a goal.

Then there is the expressing of the word and the meaning of no. This is important because, due to one’s upbringing, your meaning and reaction to the word no can be significantly different than that of another.

In our society it has almost become taboo. Expression of self is an art in and of itself. Using our individual and relationship coaching program you will learn that expression. You will learn to hear the word no without it shutting you down. Conversely, you will learn to express no without shutting others down.

I hope this was helpful and welcome your comments and thoughts.


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