Athletic Performance Programs

At Lifestyle Consulting Services in Santa Barbara, CA my Athletic Performance Programs are specific to the individual. I create these programs to focus on your abilities as well as your end goals. My goal is to help you be your best physically, mentally and emotionally for your sport or challenge.

By creating a balanced athletic performance program that easily integrates into your lifestyle, we are able to take into account the best protocols for your situation. 

In creating an athletic performance training program, we take many variables into consideration. Lifestyle Consulting Services realizes that before an athlete is an athlete, they are simply people with everyday issues and obstacles. Every great athlete will tell you they don’t think - they feel, they finesse, and they flow.

Awaken your mind and body

We emphasize awakening an individual's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparedness allowing them to find and stay in that flow. We do this with uncompromising determination to take responsibility for oneself and embrace all life has to offer. At the foundation of every Lifestyle Consulting Service athletic performance training program is Inspiration, Motivation, Education, Application and Accountability. Thus, creating a balanced athlete allowing you to awaken mentally, physically and intuitively. Allowing your full potential, success and longevity in your sport as well as all areas of life.

I am dedicated to the design and building of athletic performance training programs and systems. The programs are specifically tailored to maximize each person’s attributes, as well as strengthen their weaknesses. We painstakingly customize and refine our programs and systems to insure a balanced athlete through recovery. Sometimes that means recovery workouts and others it means rest and body work. Our system focuses on building skills in a systematic results-based approach. This ensures long-term skill development in all areas of an athletes’ life.

At Lifestyle Consulting Services each of our athletic performance training programs are a methodology, and philosophy that reduces performance anxiety and stress. You don’t have to be a professional or college athlete to have anxiety regarding your sport. I see it every day, especially in young athletes looking for approval or recognition in some way. We use intuitive, experiential and practical tools to empower you to be a strong, powerful, agile and balanced whatever athletic ability you are.

At Lifestyle Consulting Service I emphasize an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparedness. We help you to master intuitive clarity, focus and poise to embrace all life has to offer. All to insure you’re a well-rounded athlete with staying power in your sport.

Foundations of my Athletic Performance Program

The foundation of every athletic performance training program at Lifestyle Consulting Services teaches the following skills:

Balance – Poise – Focus – Intuitive Clarity – Emotional Stability – Power – Strength
Flexibility – Agility – Recovery - Reaction Time – Coordination - Proprioception


Whether you are an athlete, fireman, police officer, mom, dad, student, business executive, teacher or anyone else, being empowered with these skills, could save your life. It certainly has the benefit of bettering the lives of you and others if not from physical harm, then certainly from mental wear and tear of anxiety, worry, and fear.

Regardless if it’s managing daily life, a sport, passion or your family, being a well-balanced individual (working inside as well as outside) is key. Thus, being able to channel these traits effortlessly will open you to happiness and allow for the ability to excel in your sport as well as life.

Athletic performance training is my passion and the driving force behind me. My motivation comes from when a client reaches a goal, is intuitively awakened to perform better or is even just empowered to take action for themselves where they never could before. I love the look on their faces when they do what they thought they couldn't for the first time. I simply enjoy lifting up the world by sharing myself, my talents and my gifts with the world.

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