Weight Loss and Nutrition Programs

At Lifestyle Consulting Service our weight loss and nutrition programs are simple, and sustainable. Our programs fit easily into any lifestyle and reduce the stress and anxiety of losing weight. These programs are cutting edge in education assuring you to keep the weight off forever. The programs are multi faceted and will have a strong impact and lasting effects in your life.

Everyone thinks there is a secret to weight loss and nutrition. There is no secret; however, there definitely is a system. Our weight loss and nutrition programs are designed to be stress free, easily learned and thankfully passed to others.

At Lifestyle Consulting Service our weight loss and nutrition programs teach you how to fuel your body correctly. A variety and fluctuation of quality calories as well as proper hydration are the foundation and cornerstones of the system. The key to our systems how we provide a safe space to self-examine the deeper issues relating to food.

Ultimately no weight loss or nutritional program can be sustainable and effectively work unless a safe place for you is established. Once the safe place is established you can take a peek at the root cause. The issue that is causing the individual to misuse food as a distraction or emotional vise, at the very least, should be acknowledged.

We Create a Safe Environment for You

At Lifestyle Consulting Services we specialize in creating an extremely safe environment for your journey. We realize this is not easy and we are here to go it with you.  It is my honer and privilege to do this journey with you. It is not something I take lightly and will see to it you attain your desires.

Our weight loss and nutritional programs examine all aspects of weight loss. Included are; weight control, eating disorders, as well as developing creative and flexible nutrition meal plans that really work. We nature an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparedness. We do this with uncompromising determination to take responsibility for oneself and embrace all life has to offer.

Weight Loss and Nutrition Programs are based on your needs

At lifestyle Consulting Service our weight loss and nutrition programs  do not use caloric restriction to lose weight. We will calculate the proper number of calories for you and give you a range to operate within. We do this based on foods you already use and enjoy, your base metabolic rate, your activity for the given day, and any medical or other issues to consider.

Many individuals do not fuel themselves properly and research shows there are two main driving forces behind this. Of the many things that can cause an individual to misuse food, the top two reasons are: Emotional effects from something in an individual’s life past and/or present; and lack of knowledge. Our weight loss and nutrition programs will relieve the stress and anxiety of both.

How can there be a lack of knowledge? There is plenty of information, fad diets and otherwise knowledgeable experts in the field. However, few people seek professional help for starters as they feel they can do it themselves, or just want that quick fix for an occasion.

As for the emotional issues, few individuals want to deal with their deeper hurts and wounds.  Emotions like shame, blame, and judgement interfere with even the strongest dispositions.

Education and empowerment for you

At Lifestyle Consulting Services, we specialize in addressing both. Our weight loss and nutritional programs will educate and empower you to take care of yourself, live an inspired life to the fullest, and stay motivated and successful even after we finish our work together. 

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