Special Needs and Disabilities

At Lifestyle Consulting Services, each of our Special Needs programs is a unique process to every individual. We emphasize an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual preparedness with uncompromising determination to take responsibility for oneself and embrace all life has to offer, no matter what the Special Need or Disability happens to be.

Limits, physical or otherwise, should not hinder your ability to train, have fun or heal. Lifestyle Consulting Services realizes that we are all just people with our own unique, real issues. We are dedicated to design and build training programs and systems specifically to maximize each person’s attributes, as well as strengthen their weaknesses.

Our system and programs seek to empower the whole person and focuses on building skills in a systematic results-based approach that ensures long-term skill development in all areas of the individual’s life, not just the special need.

At Lifestyle Consulting Services, I have worked with many individuals with a varied range of special needs and disabilities, including Down Syndrome and Autism, both high and low-functioning, ADHD and ADD at a variety of levels. Traumatic Brain Injuries with injuries to the physical body and without, individuals who could not see, speak, hear, and sometimes all of the above.

Whatever your Special Need or Disability, Lifestyle Consulting Services can help bring function and fun back into your life.








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