At Lifestyle Consulting Service of Santa Barbara CA, our hypnotherapy is very unique as it works with the individual in a fully conscious state of awareness while addressing the unconscious beliefs.

Our unique style of hypnotherapy does not physically or consciously disempower an individual by allowing them to be unconscious during the session. It allows them to be in a state of conscious Response - Ability.

This unique form of hypnotherapy has proven to be highly effective and have lasting effects in decreasing stress and anxiety. It is efficient and effective because of how it specifically Empowers an individual from within.

At Lifestyle Consulting Services all our energetic healing programs, including our hypnotherapy, are rooted in Love and Wisdom. Our methodologies come from The Barbara Brennen School of Healing, Signature Cell Healing pioneered by Fred Sterling and the teachings of Maurene Watson, Dale Halaway, Archangel Gabriel and St. Germain.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and productive tool when used properly.

We use intuitive spiritually-based techniques combined with ancient healing modalities, deep energy work and body work in our hypnotherapy processes.

At Lifestyle Consulting Services in our unique style of hypnotherapy we address the whole body in its totality: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We recognize that there is no cookie-cutter way to address each individual’s issue. While we all have similar issues, every person has a variety of facets that led to the development of those issues. Therefore, how we address and assist you in those issues is unique to you.

Listen to Meditation samples by Prisco:

Listen to Meditation samples by Prisco:

What is Hypnosis?

The traditional definition: Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that allows your conscious mind to quiet itself, so you can access your very powerful subconscious. While in this restful and peaceful state, you don’t maintain conscious control; yet, your subconscious has the opportunity to incorporate powerful new thoughts and ideas that now can facilitate change.

The difference between that definition and our definition is; you are conscious and held in a place of unconditional love and safety. From here you can access your wisdom, for, yourself. Thus, empowering you to see you are, and can create your life as you wish.

One of the many benefits of hypnosis is its inherent ability to uncover, needy and or desperate energy around beliefs. Subsequently this helps individuals heal themselves of, the causes and effects of such issues as:

Performance Anxiety   Public Speaking
Anxiety Disorders / Depression   Confidence Building / Self-Worth
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder    Anger Management
Phobias/Fear   Neurotic Behavior
Stress Management   Fertility
Health Issues    Sleeping Disorders
Eating Disorders   Academic Success
Inner Child Work   Indecision
Releasing Blocks   Relationships
Releasing Addictions (Smoking, Food, Sex)    

There is no avoiding stress and anxiety, but you can release the triggers around the needy energy and belief systems. How you handle stressful situations in life can make the difference between happiness and misery.

For example, a response to stressful situations may cause you to smoke or make poor eating choices and other habits that lead to negative addictive behaviors and responses. Or a quip remark could get you fired or into a confrontation. And once those words or actions are out there they cannot be taken back. I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that has not been on the giving or receiving end of that.

Why Hypnosis Alone May Not Be Effective 

At Lifestyle Consulting Services, it is my belief that all "dis-ease" and imbalances originate energetically with thoughts that form our perceptions and belief system(s). Traditional hypnosis helps access your subconscious and incorporates powerful new thoughts and ideas that facilitate change. However, it is important to address the root underlying issues. Simply put, to incorporate positive new statements into the subconscious mind to override any old belief systems does not usually create a lasting change.

For example, let’s say you are trying to rid a smoking habit. As an attempt, you try hypnosis to achieve this desired result. However, when the physical body’s addiction to nicotine becomes more powerful than the mind’s ability to hold on to the positive suggestions, the person will ultimately lose the battle and begin to smoke again. Another example is people tend to eat their emotions as I call it.  Once there is a repetitive stress it triggers the emotion and the cycle starts all over again. This is where Hypnosis solely may not be effective.

Usually with most individuals there is no conscious recognizable resistance, so most people don't understand why they cannot make a change or sustain the desired change. This is where our method excels as it will help one to become aware of the desperate or needy energy surrounding the Need not being met. And once aware you can then decide if it no longer serves you to release it. It becomes an actual Conscious Decision and Choice.

This is the key to the demarcation in the subconscious thus effecting the etheric and physical nervous system. This is what empowers you to release things for good.











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